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Entry redacted.

Entry redacted.

Things the recruiter doesn't tell you about

Entry redacted.



Hot Topic gives 10% off to military members/families.

That sound you heard is my head exploding.


5 years ago today

I had my first date with a cute blonde guy. I thought he was great but I wasn't sure about the long-term potential.

Baby, now I'm sure. I love you, Spen.

If you know of anyone

looking to place a child with loving parents, please send them to this couple: http://www.merrillandmary.com

Merrill was my home teacher back when I first moved to AZ. I almost left Arizona b/c I wasn't making any friends and was really homesick. Merrill made me make friends, against my will almost. He took care of me when I got pneumonia. Heck, even when I was in the driest of dating droughts, he nudged his best friend into getting up guts to style me out - told him I was a catch. :) He's a funny, serious guy who's always wanted to serve. Not b/c he wanted to appear righteous but because he wants to be a good man who follows the Lord. There isn't anything artificial about him, even if he seems a little too good to be true.

If I need to humanize him for you so you know he's real, he shaved part of his arm one time on a dare from a friend. It looked goofy as heck, and his reasoning was, "I wanted to see what it looked/felt like. And now I know." The last statement was uttered while he rolled his eyes at himself.

He is the dearest, sweetest man and he married a really nice girl. They really would be awesome parents.

So yeah, if you know of anyone who wants to put their child up for adoption, send them to the above link. And maybe help me in praying that they'll find a child. If anyone should be parents, it's them.

(P.S. Don't let his love of Phil Collins sway you. The man's a pistol.)


Cross-posted from Facebook:

My friend Trisha is doing a 40 mile walk in Washington, DC to raise money for breast cancer research. This is something I've always wanted to do, but I'm not in a place in my life where I can do that now. So after I donated my $20, I kept thinking of ways I could help her out.

After I brainstormed, I came to the conclusion that I have a sense of humor, not a lot of dignity, and lots of friends and family. So after getting Spen's okay (after all, he'll have to look at me), and talking to Trisha, I realized what I could do:

If we can raise $1,000 for Trisha's walk by February 3rd, I will shave my head.

$1,000 is a fair amount of money, but it breaks down to a little less than $5 from every person I know. Even in this economy, most people have $5. That's less than a fast food meal, or in my case, less than three 2-liter bottles of Diet Coke.

Two important women in my life have had breast cancer. They both beat it (remission rocks!), but they had to shoulder their personal fear, the fears of their friends and families, the sickness from both the cancer and the cure, and in one of their cases, the loss of her hair.

Hair is the one vanity most women take for granted. So help me remove my hair, and donate $5 (or more if you're feeling plush) to http://www.avonwalk.org/goto/Trisha.Snow by February 3rd, so no one else has to lose their hair. So no one else has to lose a mother, a sister, a wife, or a friend.

Feel free to link to this entry (I'm making it public) if you think of others who might want to help Trisha meet her goal. Or to anyone who might want to make me bald - either way, I'm good. :)

One of my favorite songs

And thankfully, the uploader didn't feel the need to cheese it up with a video:

I just needed to listen to it tonight. Enjoy.


Happy birthday

to Cosette/Margot/her ladyship. Who knew that the original LDS community on LiveJournal back in May or June of 2001 would make her one of my dearest friends? Or that I think 5 or 6 of my LJ friends on here now are because of her?

Yay for Margot! Yay for Margot being born!

Hope it's a good one, lady!

And also happy Easter to all those who observe. :)


Stolen from my friend Mojo: http://www.chromecow.com/2009/01/20/us-democracy-server-patch-day/

If you're a gamer or pro-Obama/not terribly fond of the Bush admin, you'll prolly find this funny. If not, you prolly won't find this interesting and/or funny.


Helping the Hardins move was neat!

Why don't you all come over, you friends I don't see often enough?! It's so convenient, when I having my family and friends around me at once.